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PSA 182 is a major part of San Diego's history. The memory of that day is still vivid in the minds of many San Diegans and continues to affect them as well as many of the first responders who were on duty that day.  35 years later, there is still no memorial marking the place where so many lost their lives.


Our hope is to create a memorial that will honor the victims, their families, the neighborhood, and the law enforcement and emergency workers that still live with the memories of what they saw that day.


The memorial will be a place of peace and reflection that can be visited by friends, family members, and San Diegans who were and still are affected by this tragedy.


                         Mission Statement:

"The goal of the PSA 182 committee is to have a memorial that pays tribute to both the fallen from the crash on September 25, 1978 as well as to the first responders, at or adjacent to the crash site, as close to the point of impact as possible.  The memorial should include all 144 names of the fallen, the first responder departments, and acknowledge all the citizens who offered their support on that fateful day."




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