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Dear Residents,

Welcome to the official home page for the proposed memorial to remember the 1978 crash of PSA Flight 182 which crashed at the intersection of  Dwight St. and Nile St.  

It has been 35 years since the tragedy and still there is nothing at the intersection or in the neighborhood that memorializes the victims and the rescue workers.

There is a beautiful plaque and tree planted at the North Park Library which was dedicated on the 20th anniversary.  And there are two plaques at the Aerospace Museum which lists all of the names of the passengers, crew and PSA employees who perished on that day.

We have formed a group in conjunction with The North Park Community Association (NPCA) to propose and eventually build a small memorial at or near the intersection of Dwight and Nile.  This past September on the 25th - 35 years to the day of the crash - A meeting was held at the Lafayette Hotel where I presented my ideas for this to happen.  The meeting was a huge success and helped to launch this plan.

The proposed memorial would be a granite slab, roughly 4-6 feet wide and 4-5 feet tall and would have all of the names of the victims engraved on the front along with a brief history of what happened on that day and a brief thank you to all of the rescue workers and others involved in the response.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through the email on this webpage or via our Facebook page.

Thank you,

David Fresina
"Return To Dwight and Nile: The Crash of PSA Flight 182"

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